Alumapanel Composite



Alumapanel Signs are highly versatile, lightweight and sturdy. They come in three thicknessess: 4mm, 6mm & 8mm (up to 5×10 panels in 4mm). This substrate is an aluminum pvc composite material. It is usually used for outdoor billboard applications, storefront signs or private parking signs.

If 4mm Alumapanel is being used at larger sizes for billboard type applications, it should be installed against a wall or otherwise well braced, including 2x4s, 4x4s and even plywood.  The 8mm Alumapanel is by contrast very rigid and does not need to be braced as much.  (In terms of aesthetics it should be noted 8mm Alumapanel is a corrugated material like coroplast, so the edges do show flutes unless it is being framed or the edges are being capped or wrapped.)  In between these options there is 6mm, stronger than 4mm without corrugation.

Custom Alumapanel parking signs (for private lots) are cheaper than Custom Aluminum parking signs.  They are almost as durable as Aluminum, lasting you much longer than coroplast.  You can also easily screw through them on installation if you do not opt to have holes drilled in them at the point of production. 

Alumapanel parking signs are usually vinyl cut in one or two colors, however, for company parking lots and some property management lots, a logo is required, in which case a laminated digital print would be applied to the substrate.  Alumapanel is an extremely versatile material having become one of the mainstays in the sign industry and we invite you to consider using this excellent substrate for your sign, billboard and storefront applications.

Another versatility of Alumapanel is our ability to contour cut it to any shape you wish, so contact us today to get started.

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Alumapanel is a highly durable outdoor composite material, faced with aluminum and a pvc core.  This product is very lightweight and applicable to many different needs.  This is a great substitute for pure aluminum.  Alumapanel can also be contour cut to custom specs into any shape you require.

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