Our Hours

Please call or email ahead to confirm we are open.

Our shop hours sometimes vary as we are often off-site.  We usually open 9:30-3:30 M-F with Saturday afternoons by appointment.  It is advisable to call or email ahead.

E-mail: (24/7 Support) Info@GlobalSigns.ca

Pickups: If you have an order you need to pick up outside of our business hours, please e-mail notice, and we will leave your sign outside our door on our Pick-Up Rack.  There is a white lid you may have to lift if we are concerned about rain.  We will be sure to package your sign up as necessary.  We will put your name on your package if it is not obviously your sign.

Shipping: We offer courier service throughout London and postal service across Canada.  Please inquire for pricing.  Please note that on some print product and signage orders shipping is free throughout Canada.  Please ask us if your order qualifies for free shipping.


We’re here to help.



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