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These two signs helped capture the attention of beach-bound people with bright colours, clean sharp lines and cohesive helpful information.

The clean, simple and effective signs draw attention to those shops that do not have sidewalk frontage. It is a cost effective way to get the “Location” without the “Cost”.



Shopping and business district Pedestal sign pack. and directories present a unified colourful experience that inspires shopping and participation

This was one of two Pedestal sign pack signs needed to direct people back to the small shops. Positioned close to the line of pedestrian traffic it was hard to miss these signs and indeed business increased substantially to the back row of booths. The sign frames, looked very resort like and they were off the shelf deck rail kits from Lowe’s. No tools other than a power screwdriver were needed.

small business and reorst style signs

Easily Maintained


Changing the names or products on the Pedestal Signs each year is quick and easy. The baked enamel aluminum frame and sign face is weatherproof and requires no maintenance or painting.

Reasonably Priced

The sign faces are made to size, and the decals can be applied by us or to save some money apply them yourselves.

Decals can be replaced at will, and at little cost.


Pedestal Signs are as effective as the big black mobile signs you see everywhere, yet they are good looking, just as effective and give your customer a unique shopping experience.

Pedestal Sign Packs are excellent wayfinders for resorts, small town main streets, shopping districts and professional offices located in village style enclaves and towns.

If you think this might work for your business or town please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote.

We can customize and brand your signage to meet your needs.  As always, we’re here to help.


Keep your signs colourful and co-ordinated and you can really increase your resultsIt’s amazing how you can change the character of a place with a few colourful, and informative signs.


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